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Reinvent and Value add To your Dental Clinic

Participate in a Noble Cause

  • Opportunity for cooperation with fellow healthcare professionals
  • Key role for dental team in preventing recurrence of dental abnormalities
  • Important role for dental team in treating dental problems

How we Enhance your Clinic as a Child Dental Center?

Join our efforts to extend the best possible oral health to all children by a commitment to wellness, prevention and good overall health in addition to oral health. As Child Dental Center (CDC) your dental clinic will be equipped with

  • Necessary infrastructure,
  • CDs for the patients,
  • Booklets and
  • Other educational materials.

Dental Professionals are Provided

The CDC Kit includes

  • CD for the dentist: Enriched with information for specialized child care. The CD is info- packed with supportive graphic and videos for easy comprehension.
  • CD for patients: Utilize your patients waiting time in your clinic and increase your interaction with the patient. The CD is in simple language with a good visual display convinces and educates both the parents and children about oral care.
  • Manual: Imparts detailed information which can be readily applied.
  • CDC Identity Card
  • CDF Stickers
  • Handouts:Leaflets which patients can read in peace.

Material for Display in Corners

  • Poster:Display and deliver the necessary impetus.
  • Standee: Displays posters, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures etc.
  • Glow sign board
  • Software for recording patient data:Installed on computer and easy to use keeps track of your patient’s care.