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About Us

Child Dental Centre (CDC) is a dentist-led foundation dedicated to improving oral health of children. This is a serious concern in India, because dental caries (cavity) has a prevalence as high as 60-80% in children, a figure far more than asthma. Cavities is an epidemic among children – an epidemic even worse for children from families who cannot afford dental care. Apart from this, about 30% of children suffer from mal-aligned teeth and jaws affecting proper functioning of the dento-facial apparatus.

Lack of awareness about dental diseases has resulted in gross neglect of oral health, specially among the disadvantaged children from the most deprived families struggling with poverty. There is no component of oral health in the present health care system in fact there is inadequate knowledge about oral hygiene and prevention of oro-dental problems.

“We believe every child can and should have a healthy smile because oral health is crucial for general health and well-being”

CDC’s Vision & Mission

Vision is optimal health and care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Mission Advocate policies, guidelines, and programs that promote Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime by improving oral health & well- being for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

Child Dental Centre aims to accomplish our mission by the following:

  • Building a network of dental clinics capable of effecting profound improvements to the provision of dental healthcare at local and national levels.
  • Increasing social responsibility in the dentistry profession, particularly in the emerging generation of dentists and dental leaders.
  • Awareness and knowledge dissemination that tooth decay and pain is preventable.
  • Improving the oral health of the most disadvantaged children as this can substantially limit a child’s development and participation in life activities.
  • Transfer of knowledge from research to the public.

Strategic Plan

Optimal oral health and Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime through intervention and prevention. We have incorporated the following:

  • Revolutionary advances in intervention techniques.
  • Develop innovation in health care;
  • Connect the professional pool with the community.

CDC is a Liaison Involving Both

  • The Public &
  • Dental Professionals

We educate the parents about tooth decay, prevention for optimal oral health care and thereby Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime at Child Dental Center.

Dental professionals can contribute to Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime by providing their skills by registering online at

Child Dental Centres (CDC)

Child Dental Centres (CDC) are a network of dental clinics devoted to eliminating pediatric dental disease through education, raising awareness and provision of oral health care service , to ensure changes in oral health of children.